Secret Spot Surf and Stay is a small and intimate surf school and surf camp in the centre of Kuta Lombok. We offer weekly and half week surf camps, surf lesson and accommodation. We like to keep it small and genuine and focus on each individual surfer. We are a family business and care for the locals and the surroundings of Lombok.



We are Maria, Eng and Naomi. The family behind Secret Spot Surf and Stay. We founded the surf camp in 2017 and it is our dream project. We share the passion for surfing, hospitality and the culture of Lombok. Maria has over 10 years experience in hospitality and Eng is one of the most experienced surf instructors in Lombok. We live at the camp and love to meet new people to introduce them to the special things about this island.



The amazing Secret Spot crew is like a family to us and our business is based on love and respect for each other, the community and its surroundings. We want Secret Spot to be the place where people from all over the world come to meet and share a unique experience in a place like no other.




Roy is a social and will get everyone in a good mood. He is incredibly focused in the water and will go out of his way to build up your confidence when surfing.




Roni is the most friendly and kind-hearted man we’ve met. You can ask him for anything and he will be there for you. If he is not cooking or cleaning, you’ll probably see him with his scrapbook drawing pictures.




Youngest in the team but a very clever young man. He is 22 years old with a hospitality degree. He loves singing and is always eager to develop his English.



Lombok has a spectacular untouched nature with stunning waterfalls, beautiful coral reefs and breathtaking mountains where you can go climbing. Compared to Bali, Lombok is calmer and cheaper, has less traffic and it’s still possible to find your own private dream beach here. In Lombok, the culture is called SASAK. You will be amazed by our colourful handcraft, traditional dances, the music and the delicious food.

Our home town, Kuta, is known for its world-class waves and the amazing surf community. Kuta is small and not too busy but still packed with nice cafes, restaurants and bars.



Only a 15 min bike ride away you find beautiful Mawun beach, perfect for relaxing and snorkelling, followed by Mawi beach where you can watch the advanced surfer and get inspired. 45 min away from Kuta is Selong belanak with white sand and turquoise water this is where you might have your first surf lesson.



Heading the other direction you will first come to Seger where we usually go for an unforgettable sunset. just hiking up a small mountain and you will see the whole sunset behind the horizon. And probably our favourite beach in the whole world, Tanjung Aan. have a long beach walk, buy a fresh coconut and just lay down on the soft sand and enjoy your Lombok holiday.


If you are looking for empty stunning beaches you have come to the right place, Lombok is full of white sandy beaches, pristine water and hidden gems.


Benang Stokel is one of our favorite waterfalls. Hike for a few hours around the three different spots and jump from the fall and have a refreshing shower in the freshwater.


On the way to the airport is a traditional Sasak village. For a few €, you can walk around inside their village, looking at their tree houses and their craftwork.


Hike up the magnificent Rinjani mountain. this is usually a 2-3 days hiking trip, where you sleep in tents and follow a guide whilst trekking. There is views at every stage of the journey and a great work out. Bring good shoes and warm clothes.


A cute and cosy village in the north of Lombok where you can walk around rice patties and look at amazing waterfalls.



Lombok is full of hidden treasures and beautiful spots that will blow your mind. We’ve mapped out some of our favourite surf sports so that you can explore and find the hidden secrets this magical place has to offer.



Lombok wave map


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Where exactly is Secret Spot located?

Secret Spot is located in the south of Lombok, in the surfing village of Kuta. Our place is hidden away from the main street, still only 10 min walk from the beach and main strip of town.

How do I get to secret spot?

There are various ways of getting to Lombok. The easiest is to fly to either Bali or directly to Lombok (we have an international airport). We are 25 minutes away from the international airport in Lombok.

You can also reach Lombok by ferry or fast boat from Bali or the Gili Islands. From any of the ports, you can catch a taxi that will take you straight to Kuta.

Our surf camps include airport pick-up.

How far is Lombok from Bali?

Lombok is about a 20-minute plane ride from Bali, there are many flights every day that go from Denpasar airport. You can also get a ferry that will take between 3-6 hours.

Why should I go to Lombok instead of Bali?

Both islands have plenty to offer. Bali is way more developed as it’s been a tourist hotspot for many years. Lombok has a more traditional and authentic feel, it’s less populated and has less tourists. Lombok can provide a more authentic Indonesian experience. The surf line-ups are less crowded and provide a perfect opportunity to learn.

Is there anything I need to be mindful of when traveling to Lombok?

Lombok is a very safe location for travellers. But, like many other places in south-east Asia, there is petty crime and minor theft. We advise our guests to always travel on their motorbikes in the daytime and to avoid leaving any valuables on beaches or unattended. The Sasaks (Lombokians) are incredibly friendly and accommodating people that will always go out of their way to help tourists find their way.

How far is the airport from Secret Spot?

Lombok’s international airport is about a 25-minute drive from Secret Spot, so you’ll be in Kuta in no time after landing.

How safe is it to drive a motorbike in Lombok and can I rent one in Secret Spot?

The roads in Lombok is very well kept and lots of them are very new, this makes it easy to drive a motorbike. We recommend wearing a helmet at all times and having some experience driving as the roads can provide certain challenges such as reckless drivers, dirt, animals and rocks.
Secret Spot can give you advice on where to rent a bike. Secret Spot is however not responsible for anything to do with the rental, that is between the owner of the bike and the guest.

Can I rent scooters from Secret Spot?

Secret Spot doesn’t rent out bikes, but we can help you to get in contact with a bike rental. Secret Spot is however not responsible for anything related to the rental, that is between the owner of the bike and the guest.

Can I do any other activities in Kuta, Lombok apart from surfing?

Lombok offers a wide range of activities such as paragliding, cycling, hiking, snorkelling, fishing, quad biking, wakeboarding, stand up paddleboarding, etc. We are happy to help show you in the right direction so that you can enjoy your stay to the maximum.

Do I need to know how to surf in order to join the camp?

You can be a complete beginner or never have ridden a surfboard before you come to Secret Spot. We’ll take you from the basics all the way to catching your own waves. Come and give surfing a go!

Is the camp made for any level of surfing?

Our camp is designed to cater to beginner to intermediate surfers that can catch their own waves but want to improve their style, ability to catch better and bigger waves and have tons more fun out in the water.

Do I need insurance in order to join the camp?

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Can I bring my own equipment?

Yes, you can if you want, we have surf racks where you can store your board. We also provide all equipment you need for the surf camp.

How does the cancellation policy work?

30 days before arrival: full refund
Less than 30 days before the date of arrival:  we refund 50 % of your payment
Less than 14 days before arrival: no refund is possible

How often do you do photo analysis?

We aim to do photo analysis twice a week. One at the beginning of the week and another at the end so that you can see your progress and take brilliant memories back home.

What do you serve for breakfast?

Our breakfast is healthy and filling. We serve everything from smoothie bowls to our popular surfer sandwich with a fried egg, spinach and tomato. Coffee, tea and juice are always included in our breakfast. Of course, we also have a vegan breakfast option.

What does the BBQ night include?

We grilled fresh fish straight from Kuta’s fisherman village. usually yummy mahi-mahi or barracuda. Always served with lots of vegetables, tofu and tempeh. So this BBQ is also perfect and filling if you are a vegan or vegetarian.

There is beer and other drinks to buy from our bar.

What does the fishing trip include?

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What are the surf teachers like?

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I have a little experience surfing, but would like to improve to become more advanced, is this something your programs offer?

Yes, we work with students that go from beginner to intermediate levels. We use video and photo analysis and also take our guests to the right surf break for their level in order to increase their skills quickly and efficiently.

What is the ratio of students to instructors?

We have around one instructor for every two students at Secret Spot.

How old do I need to be in order to join the camp?

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How long will we be surfing a day?

We will surf once a day, each session lasts around 2 hours plus the time it takes us to get ready and get to the location.

How is this surf camp different to other camps in Lombok?

We provide an authentic experience that shows you a side of Indonesia and the people that no other camp has. Our camp has a family vibe that will make you feel at home away from home. Come and experience something that’s completely unique.

How do I physically prepare for a surf camp?

It’s good, but not completely necessary to prepare your muscles for a surf camp, this way you’ll be able to pedal better and longer when you get to Secret Spot. You can try swimming or if that’s not possible try to do push-ups, squats and pull-ups every day for a few weeks before your stay so that your body is in better surfing shape.

Do the surf camps start on fixed dates?

You can start at any time of the week. Our surf photographer comes to take photos on Wednesday and our BBQ and fishing trip happen on Fridays.

Can I stay at Secret Spot without surfing

If you have a non-surfing partner we can arrange a good price for your partner just accommodation and follow to the beach and sunset trip. Just add a comment in the message. (Click in the non-surfing partner through our booking system or add it to the comments.)

Do you always surf in the morning?

Usually, we go surfing in the morning and the fishing trip happens in the afternoon, Although everything depends on the weather conditions, swell and the group wishes. We always plan so that everyone gets the most out of their surf and holiday.

Can I add an extra surf lesson in the surf camp?

You can add more lessons into your surf camp. We can arrange to add the extra lesson once you have checked in on Secret Spot. Again it depends on swell and conditions from day to day.

Why do you have bunk beds in the private rooms?

We’ve designed our private rooms so that you can stay together in one double bed or separate in the double and single bed. The private rooms are still private.